UK le Germany nih Isreal cu kahdohnak ngol ding in an forhfial

Gaza ah kahdaihnak tuah ding Uk le Germany nih Israel an forhfial tiah kan theih. Israel nih Gaza ah a um mi Hamas pawl biatak tein a doh cuahmah hna lio ah amah lei ah a ttang zungzal mi UK le Germany nih cun Gaza ah kahdaihnak tuah ding in an duhnak kong an langhter. Zarhpi ni ah Israel ram a tlawng mi German ramdang vuanci Catherine Colonna nih cun raltarh ah tlaih mi hna an luat khawh nakhnga le raldahnak hi ramkhel lei in a phi kawl ding in le Gaza ah kahdaihnak tuah ding in forhfialnak a tuah.
UK ramdang vuaci Daved Cameron zong nih Isreal nih Hamas a doh hna ruangah Palestine miphun he remdaihnak a hrawk sual ahcun zei tik hmanh ah hi raldohnak ahhin teinak a hmu hlei lailo tiah a langhter ve. US lila zongah Gaza ah mizapi ruat buin kahdohnak tuah ding in a duhnak kong a lanhgter ve hlei ah hi hnu ahcun hi nak fak in israel hi kahdaihnak tuah ding in a nor te lai tiah official in an langhter. Isreal nih cun Gaza mizapi hna cu chuak dih u tiah nawl a pek hmasa hna nain an chuah duh lo hlei ah Hamas ralhrang nih an cawh tuk hna caah kahdohnak a tuah poh ah mi sawhsawh an thi chih lengmang. Cucaah atu bantuk in anhawile lila zong nih kahdaihnak tuah ding in an fial nak hi a si.
Asinain Israel nih cun kahdohnak ah ni khat hnu nikhat in an hlawhtlinnak kong an langhter. Gaza ah Hamas nih an cawh mi leitang khua lak ah a sau bik a si lai timi anhmuh nak kong an langhter. Cu leitang kua cu meng 2.5 tluk sau mi a si i, electric ttha teinbunh mi a si hlei ah pehtlaihnak thilri zong ttha tein an bunhmi a si tiah an langhter.


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