Top 10 World largest Airlines in the world

1. Delta Airline
The oldest airline still in business, Delta Air Lines was established in 1925 and has its headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia. It ranks first on our list. Delta has an extensive fleet of over 950 aircraft and provides both local and international service to over 325 locations. Delta operates out of significant hubs in the United States, with Atlanta (ATL) being the largest, much like American and United. With $54 billion in sales, $73.1 billion in assets, and a $1.9 billion reported profit, it takes the top slot. Over 95,000 people work for the airline. In the cutthroat world of air travel, these airlines stand for the titans of the sector, each with a distinct network, history, and financial standing.

2. American Airlines Group
In terms of planned passenger volume and overall revenue, American Airlines is among the largest airlines worldwide, making it one of the “big three” airlines operating in the US. Established in 1926, with its main office located in Fort Worth, Texas, the company provides both local and worldwide services to more than 350 locations. Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) serves as American Airlines’ primary hub, and the airline has a fleet of more than 950 aircraft. Every day, it manages almost 500,000 passengers. At $52.3 billion in revenue, $66.8 billion in assets, and a reported profit of $1.8 billion, American Airlines Group takes the second position on our list. A staggering 130,000 people are employed by the group.

3. United Airlines Holdings
One of the “big three” airlines in the US, United Airlines serves more than 350 destinations with full-service domestic and international travel. After merging with Continental Airlines in 2010, this 1926-founded company with its main office in Chicago, Illinois, rose to become the third-biggest airline globally. United is a founding member of Star Alliance and runs a varied fleet of more than 900 aircraft. With $48.8 billion in revenue, $70.4 billion in assets, and a $1.9 billion reported profit, it comes in third on our list. There are little under 93,000 workers in the United Airlines group.

4. Lufthansa Group
In terms of passengers carried, Germany’s flag carrier, Lufthansa Airlines, is based in Germany and is the second-biggest airline in Europe. It was founded in 1955 and has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. With a fleet of more than 275 aircraft, it offers scheduled services to more than 310 destinations worldwide. One of the Star Alliance’s original five members is Lufthansa. The airline mostly runs out of its German hubs at Munich (MUC) and Frankfurt (FRA). with generated a profit of $940 million, with assets of $48.8 billion, and revenue of $35.8 billion, Lufthansa Group is ranked fourth on our list. With more than 110,000 workers globally, it is among the biggest employers in Europe.

5. Air France-KLM Group
The Parisian and Dutch flag carriers came to an agreement in 2004 to form the Air France-KLM Group, a holding company for international airlines. A number of European and African airlines have minority shares held by it as well. With $29.4 billion in revenue, $34.8 billion in assets, and a reported profit of $970 million, the group, which has its main offices in Paris and the Netherlands, comes in fifth on our list. Almost 80,000 individuals work for the group.

6. Southwest Airlines
Renamed Air Southwest when it was first established in 1967, Southwest Airlines is the biggest low-cost airline globally. The company, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, mostly uses a point-to-point business model to provide domestic services to 42 U.S. states. A fleet of more than 800 Boeing 737 aircraft is used by the airline to provide scheduled services to over 120 locations in the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Having generated $24.8 billion in revenue, amassed $35.6 billion in assets, and declared a $650 million profit, Southwest Airlines comes in sixth on our list. Approximately 66,000 people work for the airline.

7. International Airlines Group (IAG)

The International Airlines Group (IAG), a global airline holding company with its headquarters located in London, England, was established in 2011 as a result of the merger of Iberia and British Airways (BA). Prominent subsidiaries like Aer Lingus and Vueling are also a part of the group. IAG offers service to hundreds of destinations worldwide through a number of full-service, low-cost, and cargo carriers. With $24.3 billion in revenue, $42 billion in assets, and a reported profit of $470 million, it ranks eighth on our list. The organization has more than 66,000 workers.

8. Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines was founded in 1933 and is based at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport (ISL). It is the flag carrier of Turkey and the largest airline in the world based on the number of destinations it serves. With a fleet of over 400 aircraft and scheduled services to over 350 destinations worldwide, Turkish Airlines has the largest global network of any airline, with flights to 126 countries. It is the eighth company on our list, a member of the Star Alliance network, with $19.7 billion in revenue, $32 billion in assets, and a reported profit of $2.8 billion. The airline has more than 40,000 workers.

9. China Southern Airlines
Founded in 1988, China Southern Airlines is the biggest airline in China and, along with Air China and China Eastern Airlines, a member of the Big Three. With a fleet of over 900 aircraft, the airline offers scheduled services to over 215 destinations worldwide, with major hubs at Beijing Daxing (PXX) and Guangzhou (CAN) airports. With $12.9 billion in revenue, $44.9 billion in assets, and a reported loss of $4.8 billion, it takes the ninth place on our list. The airline has more than 100,000 workers.

10. Air Canada
Founded in 1937, Air Canada is the national carrier of Canada and the largest airline by passenger traffic. Its headquarters are located in Saint-Laurent, Quebec. The airline has approximately 350 aircraft in its inventory and offers both scheduled and charter services to over 225 locations globally. Among the three main airline alliances, it was also a founding member of Star Alliance. With $12.7 billion in sales, $21.8 billion in assets, and a recorded loss of $1.3 billion, Air Canada comes in at number 10 on our list. About 20,000 people work for the airline.

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