The Arakan Army (AA)

Based in Rakhine State, often known as Arakan, in Myanmar, the Arakan Army (AA) is an ethnic armed group (Burma). It functions as the United League of Arakan’s (ULA) military wing and was established on April 10, 2009. The Arakan Association’s goals are to defend self-determination, the preservation of Arakanese national identity and cultural legacy, and the Arakan people’s best interests. It also seeks to restore the sovereignty of the Arakan people.


With time, the AA has become more powerful and has engaged in combat with the Tatmadaw, the military of Myanmar. There have been casualties, population displacement, and increased tensions in the area as a result of the fighting between the AA and the Tatmadaw. Additionally, AA has forged relationships with the National Unity Government.

According to the Arakan Army, the junta has been attempting for a week to supply fresh arms and ammunition to its soldiers who are still stationed in the town, along with reinforcements. It sent three naval warships to the town on Thursday with reinforcements, but according to both the AA and town residents, the AA struck one of the vessels during an attack, causing all three to retreat. According to the AA, some junta soldiers perished on the attacked vessel. Residents of Pauktaw reported that when the warships bringing their reinforcements were forced to retreat, junta troops in the town set fire to homes in Pan Thee and No. 3 wards.


The mission of AA is as of follow according to their website- We, the Arakan Army, maintain our ground while unwaveringly pursuing our objective as a global cooperation to construct a future worthy of our vow and sacrifice, much like perseverance, which is our key competence. Our vision for a worldwide future is born out of the beautiful achievements of the past. It is supported by our enthusiasm, inventiveness, optimism, and resolve to work together as a family and team to defend the fatherland. We turn to our heroic Arakanese for inspiration, especially to those who are risking their lives to defend the fatherland. Their selfless devotion serves as a reminder of our nation’s mission: to create a future worthy of their sacrifice.

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