In 2023, What Did People Look Up?

This week marks the release of Google’s “Year in Search 2023,” the most widely used online search engine. According to Google, the most popular news search worldwide was “war in Israel and Gaza.” The war was the top search query after the February “Turkey earthquake,” which claimed at least 50,000 lives in Turkey and Syria, and the June implosion of the “Titanic submarine.”This year, Damar Hamlin was the most popular person on Google Trends. He is an American football player who, in January, passed out during a game due to an unexpected cardiac arrest. Travis Kelce was another person sought after. In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift, a musician, is dating American football player Kelce.


People are particularly interested in learning more about Matthew Perry, a well-known actor from the American television series Friends, among the deceased. The top three was completed by American singer Tina Turner and Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor. Barbie and Oppenheimer were the year’s top searches in the movie industry, in addition to being the biggest earners in Hollywood. The two movies outperformed Jawan, an Indian film that millions of people saw on Netflix. The spacecraft that landed on the moon in August, Chandrayaan-3, was the most searched-for story in India. India became just the fourth nation to set foot on the moon after the landing was successful.


The most popular news searches in South Korea were for typhoon Kanun and Jeon Cheongjo. And Turkey’s most popular recipes were for Güllaç and Ashura, national meals that are frequently prepared for religious occasions.

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