Reports: Global Climate Change Response Is “Off Track”

According to three recent investigations, efforts to slow down climate change are failing. The annual report known as The Countdown was published by the medical journal The Lancet. The study examines the relationship between climate change and human health. According to the 2023 research, heat waves are killing more people than they have in the past. It predicts that when temperatures rise more, the numbers would grow dramatically.

Another report by the researchers is titled State of Climate Action. The World Resources Institute, Climate Action Tracker, and the Bezos Earth Fund were among the organizations that contributed to the report’s creation. According to the research, 41 out of 42 crucial climate measurements are not being met by the world. Six signs, it stated, demonstrate that the world is moving in the wrong direction. It also mentioned how certain countries continue to support the use of fossil fuels. Also, the National Climate Assessment, a 2,200-page document that examined how global warming is hurting the United States, was just released by the government.

The Lancet analysis stated that the number of heat-related mortality among adults 65 years of age or older increased by 85% in the last ten years compared to the years 1991 to 2000. According to the estimate, 23,200 older persons died from heat-related causes in 2022. According to a computer program, the figures would be substantially lower if Earth hadn’t warmed to its current temperatures. “We are already witnessing the loss of lives and means of subsistence due to climate change everywhere in the world,” stated Marina Romanello, chief of Countdown. However, she said that the consequences that were revealed today might be “an early symptom of a very dangerous future.” According to Romanello, heat waves and dryness are other reasons why more and more individuals are reporting hunger.

Dr. Jonathan Patz, a former head of the University of Wisconsin’s Global Health Institute, was not involved in the research. He hailed the report as the most comprehensive annual scientific investigation of health and climate change. Patz referred to the results as “stark.” Paul Elkins is a University College of London professor of economics. He was involved with the Lancet report. The damages caused by the fossil fuel industry, according to him, are “extremely relevant.” According to him, the pollution is “killing and making people ill.” The banks who lend money to the business are also specifically criticized in the study. It made a comparison between the tobacco and fossil fuel industries.

According to the Countdown, 68 nations provided aid of over $300 billion to fossil fuel producing enterprises in 2020. Financial support of this kind is also covered in the State of Climate Action report. The corporate aid was listed as one of the six primary indicators that the global climate change trajectory is heading in the wrong direction.

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