Agreement reached to prolong the Israel-Hamas War’s cease-fire

An agreement has been made by negotiators to prolong the cease-fire between Israeli and Hamas forces in Gaza. An agreement was made on Monday on the social networking platform X by a Qatari official, extending the current ceasefire for an additional two days. Leading the negotiations about the current situation have been Qatar and Egypt. On the last day of a four-day ceasefire, the new agreement was reached. According to the negotiators, they were also getting ready for fresh prisoner and hostage exchanges. Israel did not respond to the new ceasefire right away. However, Israeli officials had stated that for every ten more hostages freed, the nation would consider extending the cease-fire by one day. Hamas declared that it had consented to an extension of the two-day cease-fire.

As part of the third exchange allowed by the previous four-day truce, Hamas released 17 more hostages oVisit Siten Sunday, including 14 Israelis and 3 Thais. In the most recent exchange, Israel released 39 Palestinian detainees. When Hamas launched the war-starting offensive in southern Israel on October 7, it took about 240 hostages. 62 hostages have been freed thus far. Two were discovered dead inside Gaza, and one was set free by Israeli soldiers. With the most recent agreement, at least 117 Palestinians were set free. According to a spokesman for the Israeli administration, there were 184 hostages being held in Gaza as of Monday. Among them were 80 Israelis who held mixed nationality and 14 foreigners.


The first cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas in Gaza was come about by last week, and it was scheduled to expire on Monday night. Over 13,300 Palestinians have died since the beginning of the conflict, many of them were women and children, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza, which is under the leadership of Hamas. The ministry does not distinguish between deaths caused by military action and civilian deaths. According to Israeli sources, 1,200 individuals have died in Israel, the majority of them during Hamas’s initial attacks. Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of at least 77 troops. The Reuters news agency was informed by an Egyptian official that under the terms of the new truce, 60 Palestinian inmates detained in Israeli jails will be exchanged for the release of approximately 20 Israeli hostages.




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