Can the Israel-Hamas Conflict Be Endured with a Two-State Solution?

For thirty years, many countries believed that the Middle East could only be at peace if there were two states: one Israeli and one Palestinian. Recently, VOA discussed options for peace with a number of experts. Despite Israel’s robust counteroffensive and the tragic strike by Hamas on October 7, many Israelis still think that two nations are the best way ahead. Israel claims that during their attack, the Hamas leaders in Gaza killed roughly 1,200 individuals and abducted over 240 more. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, which is under Hamas leadership, Israel’s counteroffensive has claimed the lives of almost 10,000 civilians. But according to Tel Aviv University political specialist Uriel Abulof, the death toll on both sides hasn’t eliminated the possibility of peace.

People now have an opportunity to “understand that this is not a conflict between the majority of Israelis and Palestinians, [both of whom] want to live in coexistence, without radical leaders,” according to Abulof, who stated that the war has brought about this understanding. “On one side you have Hamas, which you have to deal with militarily, and on the other side are (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition, which need to be dealt with politically,” he stated to VOA. Hussein Ibish works with the Washington, D.C.-based Arab Gulf States Institute. He also thinks that a two-state option is the only way to end the protracted conflict permanently. It might be done in phases, he suggested.

“Israel has to formally and ultimately acknowledge the necessity of and right to a state for the Palestinian people. The building and settlement-building must end entirely “declared the speaker. Ibish thinks there should be an end to Israeli settlements in the West Bank, one of the two Palestinian areas. In 2005, Israel withdrew entirely from the Gaza Strip. Ibish added that Palestinians ought to vow to put an end to the violence and denounce the October 7 attacks by Hamas. He declared that the West Bank’s governing body, the Palestinian Authority, needed to be reinforced.


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