Israeli airstrikes continue, and aid to Gaza is suspended in Egypt

Israeli airstrikes into the region ruled by the Palestinians continued on Monday, delaying emergency aid for Gaza at an Egyptian border crossing. Israel has allegedly not cooperated with efforts in recent days to deliver significant relief supplies into Gaza via a crossing in Rafah, Egypt, according to Egyptian officials. Israel started directing Palestinians to move southward on Friday, asking them to abandon Gaza City and its environs in the north. According to Israeli officials, the order was given in advance of a scheduled military operation against Hamas’ soldiers on the ground.


In anticipation of a ground invasion, over a million residents had already left their homes in the northern Gaza region. Since October 7, when Hamas began a significant military incursion into southern Israel, Israel has persisted in attacking locations in Gaza. Whole communities have been leveled by Israeli aircraft as Palestinian militants continue to launch rockets into Israel. More than 1,400 Israelis, many of them civilians, have reportedly killed in the fighting, according to Israeli sources. Since the start of the Hamas strikes, at least 2,750 Palestinians have died and 9,700 have been injured, according to Gaza health ministry authorities.


When Hamas took over the region in 2007, Israel and Egypt jointly imposed a blockade on Gaza. The passage of persons and products into Gaza is strictly regulated by the blockade. In recent days, mediators have pushed for a cease-fire that would allow foreigners to leave Gaza and allow aid that has been waiting to arrive. According to the AP, Israel “has not taken a position to open the crossing from the Gaza side” according to Egypt’s foreign minister. An AP request for comment was not immediately answered by the Israeli authorities. Food, water, and medicine continued to be scarce in Gaza, so Palestinians flocked to hospitals and schools on Monday in search of refuge.

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