What Caused the Israel-Palestine Conflict to Begin?

The most recent battle in a dispute that some people think stems from things mentioned in the Bible is the one between Israeli soldiers and Hamas fighters. Hamas unexpectedly attacked Israel over the weekend from Gaza, the Palestinian territory. More than 1,200 people, including women and children, were murdered by Hamas gunmen. Additionally, the organization held more than 150 individuals captive. Israel retaliated by attacking sites in Gaza that it claimed were Hamas locations. In the Palestinian. controlled territory, officials reported that over a thousand people, including some children, had died. On both sides, there have also been thousands of injuries.


The fundamental source of the contemporary Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the territorial dispute over Palestine, which includes the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and the area that is currently recognized as Israel. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim holy sites are also located in some parts of the country. When Jesus is said to have been born at Bethlehem, the region was ruled by the Roman Empire. After King Herod, Rome’s ally, died, the country was split up into five regions under local government. Subsequently, the region was ruled by the Ottoman Empire for over 400 years, until the conclusion of World War I.


Arab nations objected to the UN proposal, claiming it was unjust and in violation of the UN Charter. Approximately 700,000 Palestinians, or half of the Arab population in Palestine, were forced to flee or were driven from their homes during the ensuing conflict. They eventually found themselves in Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Israel refuted claims that it aimed to uproot Palestinian refugees from their homes. The nation-state claimed that the day following its founding, it was assaulted by five Arab states. There was no formal peace treaty in place when the combat was stopped in 1949 by armistice agreements. The founding of Israel is known by Palestinians as the “Nakba” in Arabic. It refers to a calamity, or calamities, that prevented their aspirations of becoming a state and caused widespread exodus.

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