Only Half of This Record-Shattering Hot Summer Is Left

Scientists claim that the world’s record heat and extreme weather are both exceptional and predictable as summer approaches its halfway point. Meteorologists in Europe and America predict August and September to be hotter than usual as well. NASA’s climate scientist is Gavin Schmidt. “We’re seeing heat waves in the U.S., Europe, and China that are demolishing records left, right, and center,” he said to The Associated Press. This is not unexpected. Schmidt predicted that this will occur “pretty much this year and into next year.” In addition to climate change brought on by humans, the Pacific Ocean naturally warms during El Nino seasons. Here’s a summary of the summer’s events thus far:

This year’s June was the warmest June on record worldwide. According to scientists, July has been so hot that it could have been the hottest month on record even before the month was done. The heat has been lethal in certain areas. The final day of June and every day of July have been at least 43 degrees Celsius in Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, the region broke records for the longest duration of temperatures at 32 degrees or above. It was 37 degrees for 44 days in El Paso, Texas. With temperatures reaching 45 degrees, schools in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon shuttered one month earlier than usual. In July, Beijing, China saw 27 days with temperatures above 35 degrees. That followed three forty-degree days in June.

Records for heat tumbled throughout southern Europe. Italy’s Sardinia recorded 47 degrees. Sicilian Palermo beat a record that dates back to 1791 by two degrees. In mid-July, Spain recorded an additional approximately 1,000 deaths, largely of elderly people, as a result of the heat. China’s central province of Hunan had to evacuate over 10,000 residents. There were at least seventy houses that collapsed due to heavy rainfall. Rain in Yichang triggered a landslide that buried a building site and left one person dead. In a single day, the Queensland desert in Australia received 13 times the usual monthly rainfall for July. As landslides and flooding were brought on by the rains, thousands of people had to be evacuated from Delhi, India. Many deaths were caused by flooding and heavy rain in the northeastern states of the United States.

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