A baseball player’s vision leads to an artist partnership

Ian Happ is a Major League Baseball player in the United States who plays for the Chicago Cubs. He was searching for photos to put on display in his house when he joined the team in 2017. That modest wish gave rise to an idea and an unusual collaboration with a British artist. Happ desired artwork that presented Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs, from an unusual angle. According to Happ, a lot of baseball fans have visited Wrigley Field, but many have never seen the stadium from the field. He wants to “bring that to more Cubs fans” since he found looking up from the field to be “such a cool experience.”


Five years ago, he engaged British artist Patrick Vale to draw three big portraits of Wrigley from his perspective. The collaboration produced something entirely different, not images to display in his house. Fans can purchase prints from Happ’s Through My Eyes initiative, which was inspired by his vision of Wrigley Field. The funds support Happ’s charitable endeavors. The artwork titled “See What I See” was created by Vale and displayed at Gallery Victor in Chicago. The exhibition is on until August 26. Happ began the entire process by merely searching for artwork.


A University of Cincinnati player had gone on to become an architect in New York. Happ received the names of various artists from that teammate. Vale was one of them. Happ observed how intricately detailed Vale’s city sketches were. Happ had the idea to invite Vale to Chicago and see Wrigley Field from a perspective that not many fans get to see after speaking with Vale. The drawings would depict players looking out onto the field and into the renowned ballpark’s stands. In September 2018, Happ took Vale to Chicago and gave him a tour of Wrigley. Vale was not very knowledgeable about baseball. However, he recognized the bond that fans have with Wrigley.

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