A recent mountain climber who broke records sets a new objective.

A mountain guide who recently broke records by climbing all 14 of the world’s highest peaks has set a new objective for himself. Nepal’s Tenjen Sherpa claims that he now hopes to break the record for the youngest person to climb every peak twice. The 35-year-old Tenjen and the 37-year-old Norwegian Kristin Harila smashed the record last month for the fastest mountain ascent. Every summit is higher than 8,000 meters. It took the two 92 days to reach the last summit, K2. It happened really quickly. They shattered a record that stood for 189 days. Tenjen is already getting ready for his next objective. In the next two months, he plans to begin by climbing Mount Shishapangma in China.


Only one individual has made two ascents of all 14 summits. Sanu Sherpa, who is 48 years old, finished his second peak ascent last year. Tenjen has already made two ascents of seven of the peaks. By spring of next year, he intends to climb the last seven. Tenjen ascended the first of these peaks in 2016, reaching the summit of Nepal’s Mount Dhaulagiri. Since then, he has accomplished multiple comparable ascents annually, including four trips to summit Everest. He broke the record for the most siblings to climb Mount Kanchenjunga with his three brothers. After Mount Everest and K2, Kanchenjunga is the third-tallest mountain in the world.


Tenjen began working as a guide in the mountains to help provide for his family. Tenjen, however, was hired by Seven Summits Treks of Kathmandu in April to accompany Harila on their climb of Mount Shishapangma. Tenjen and Harila then ascended the remaining mountains together. Tenjen told the Associated Press, “It was my good fortune and (I) was fortunate to be with her in the team.” Later this fall, Tenjen intends to ascend Shishapangma a second time. He intends to bring photos of his deceased sibling with him. Out of the fourteen highest summits, this brother had only hiked Shishapangma. Tenjen promises to bury the pictures atop the mountain.



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