China’s Increasing Economic Issues

In July, China’s exports decreased 14.5% from the same month last year. The study increases the pressure on the Chinese Communist Party in power to back policies aimed at boosting the country’s economy. A sizable Chinese financial services provider has fallen behind on payments for a number of its investment products, according to relevant economic reports. Furthermore, rising housing costs in China are causing more economic worries.  Zhongrong International Trust Co. is heavily invested in real estate. Investors were informed by a senior official that the company has not paid for certain investment packages since late last month.


Customs data that was made public on Tuesday revealed a 12.4% decline in imports. This damages international exporters, who view China as a significant market for goods, food, and industrial resources. Exports dropped to $281.8 billion, a faster decline than the 12.4 percent decline in June. Imports now only account for $201.2 billion. Furthermore, from a record high a year earlier, the nation’s worldwide trade surplus fell by 20.4 percent to $80.6 billion. The goal of Chinese officials is to boost buyer and business activity. Following the December lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, economic development has slowed down sooner than anticipated.


In the three months that ended in June, economic growth decreased to 0.8 percent. China had growth of 2.2 percent in January through March of this year. Based on those figures, China’s annual growth rate would be 3.2%, which would be among the lowest in the past 30 years. Following the 2022 interest rate hikes by the governments of Europe, Asia, and the United States, there was a decline in the demand for Chinese goods. Their objective was to lower inflation, which had risen to levels not seen in a long time. London-based Capital Economics is a research organization. According to the report, the decline in exports was the most since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. It stated that although the quantity of items was above levels, the decline was primarily due to decreased costs.

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