Fiction Writers See AI as a Story to Tell, But They Fear Its Rise

Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen by many novelists as a danger to both their careers and the concept of creativity itself. An open letter on the subject from the Authors Guild this summer was supported by over 10,000 writers and other supporters. The letter asked AI firms to refrain from using copyrighted material without authorization or payment. AI is a narrative worth telling, though, and it’s not limited to science fiction anymore. The author of the soon-to-be published book HUM is Helen Phillips. The story revolves around a mother and wife who is laid off by AI. She said, “I’m interested in artificial intelligence, but I’m also scared of it.”


According to Phillips, AI has the promise of achieving complete knowledge and comprehension of all things. However, there is also a fear that “non-human intelligence will eventually replace human intelligence.” Ryan Doherty works as a director and vice president at Celadon Books. It just decided to publish Fred Lunzker’s book Sike, which features a mental health physician and AI psychiatrist. Doherty observed, “We’ve been seeing more and more about AI in book proposals.” Doherty referred to AI as the zeitgeist, which refers to the overarching concepts or spirit of a given era. It’s the current zeitgeist. Additionally, fiction incorporates whatever is current in culture, according to Doherty.


Do You Remember Being Born? by Sean Michaels is one of the other AI-related books that should be released in the next two years. In that tale, a poet consents to collaborate with an AI poetry group. Bryan Van Dyke’s In Our Likeness is also scheduled for release. It describes a government employee and a fact-checking program that has the ability to alter the truth. A.E. Osworth’s Awakened is a different book that describes a witch and her conflict with AI. Additionally, modern-day Greece-based crime fiction author Jeffrey Siger is penning a book that touches on AI and the metaverse. AI is also being used by writers to answer the most human-centered queries.

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