A group wants to protect video games that are “critically endangered.”

Approximately 87% of historical video games are said to have been lost to time, according to a non-profit organization that researches the history of the genre. The Video Game History Foundation just released the estimate in a study. The foundation’s mission is to “preserve, celebrate, and teach” video gaming heritage. It also organizes public activities to promote vintage classic video games. According to the report, the majority of vintage video games are currently inaccessible to consumers who would like to purchase them. This puts these kinds of games “critically endangered,” according to the group.

Similar issues were present in other facets of popular culture, including music, novels, and movies. Nonetheless, finding those things in stores or online is still simple. For instance, a plethora of internet video sites feature classic film content. Large music libraries of classic songs are also available on popular streaming platforms like Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora, and Spotify. However, it is far more difficult to locate stores that sell vintage video games. The Video Game History Foundation looked into the accessibility of every video game released prior to 2010 for the study. At that point, game developers started offering their titles for digital purchase. Before 2010, the majority of games were sold in hard copy by manufacturers.

The nonprofit organization claims to have made use of a list of 1,500 video games that MobyGames, an online information resource, offered. Only 13% of those titles are presently accessible for purchase in the marketplace, according to the report. The foundation pointed out that re-released old games are the only ones that are currently readily accessible. This implies that aficionados of well-known vintage video games from the 1980s, such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Super Mario Bros., can still be bought. However, hundreds of others are unable to. The study’s researchers determined how fans can presently obtain classic games. These include looking for and purchasing vintage gaming systems and collector games. Additionally, people can visit libraries to see if they have any classic games to lend.

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