Authorities Want to Take an Israeli Man Out of His Beach House After 50 Years

Nissim Kahlon has lived in an unorthodox fashion on Israel’s Mediterranean shore for more than fifty years. He began by erecting a tent on the beach at Herzliya, which is close to Tel Aviv. He gradually began carving out a cave in the cliffs of stone. Gradually, he created a living area. He began building windows and staircases. He added glass and vibrant tiles that he discovered while exploring the city to the stone walls. His house is now a popular tourist destination. Just to see what he has created, people travel to the shore.


Kahlon’s cave residence is prohibited, according to the Environmental Protection Ministry. According to the ministry, the traditional dwellings above him are unsafe because of the cave residence. They fear the cliff’s structure may have been harmed by the cave. Kahlon received a letter from officials, referred to as an eviction notice, instructing him to depart. “They’re demeaning me instead of supporting me,” Kahlon remarked. His house is secure, he said. It even has a phone, a toilet, and electricity. He claimed that living waste-free is modeled in his home. He uses everything that he cuts out of the stone. He declared, “There’s no waste here; that makes sense.”


It was not until 1974 that he was ordered to depart by the authorities. He was given a document stating that his house will be demolished. However, it never took place. For nearly fifty years, he was unaware of any government concerns. While Kahlon files an appeal, the removal order is on hold. As Kahlon puts it, the government was aware of him for a long time. When the city linked his house to the electric grid, he claimed approval for his presence. According to the government, Kahlon’s house makes the cliff unstable. Concerned by this are the residences perched atop the precipice. However, that is not the only issue that worries the government.

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