How Are July Fourth Weekends Spent by US Presidents?

On July 4th, Americans celebrate Independence Day. Presidents of the United States observe the event in their own unique ways, whether or not the public is present. For the national holiday, many presidents have visited farms, golf courses, beaches, or mountains. President Franklin D. Roosevelt even took a fishing and working vacation by ship to Hawaii during the Great Depression. Some presidents have also taken center stage during the public celebration of July 4. U.S. President Joe Biden intends to host an outdoor BBQ and holiday celebration at the White House this year for veterans, active duty personnel, and their families.

At a White House gathering two years prior, Biden stated, “We’re closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus.” For Biden, it was his first major event since taking office amid the COVID-19 outbreak. After playing golf in 2017, President Donald Trump hosted a celebration at the White House for military families. In 2012, President Barrack Obama merged two Fourth of July customs: honoring newly naturalized citizens and saluting American troops. President George W.

Bush welcomed more than 70 new citizens from 30 countries at a White House ceremony in 2008, just like numerous presidents before him. President Ronald Reagan utilized the 1987 holiday to discuss his economic policy in a radio address. President Gerald Ford gave a speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the site of the Declaration of Independence’s approval by the country’s founders, in 1976, on the occasion of the country’s 200th birthday. Later on, he was in New York Harbor to see a display of tall sailing ships. President Lyndon Johnson discussed the lack of independence for the underprivileged, minorities, sick, and those “who must breathe polluted air” at a Fourth of July speech in San Antonio, Texas, in 1968.

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