Significant Disparities in Asian American Views of China and the United States

According to a recent public opinion study, only 20% of Asian Americans had a positive opinion of China. The Pew Research Center released the survey results on Wednesday, asking over 7,000 Asian American adults about their opinions of the United States, their ancestral homeland, and other Asian countries. The participants were divided into seven origin groups, with some having ties to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, or China, and some having immigrated while others were born in the country.


In general, most individuals within each origin group held a positive perception of their place of origin. More over 90% of Taiwanese and Japanese Americans said they had a positive opinion of their home countries. The majority of Vietnamese Americans who stated they had a positive opinion of Vietnam was significantly smaller, at 59%. Chinese Americans gave less positive answers. Merely 41% of Chinese Americans expressed that their perception of China was either highly positive or somewhat favorable. Just 14% of Asian Americans who were connected to other Asian nations claimed to have a positive opinion of China. In contrast, 67% of other Asian Americans claimed to have a positive opinion of Japan. South Korea came in second with sixty percent.


Pew also inquired about participants’ thoughts on returning to their native homeland. In total, 26% of Asian Americans stated that, given the opportunity, they would relocate back home. Of those surveyed, 75% stated they would not think about moving. According to Pew, Indian Americans were the most willing to return to their own country. In response, 33% said they would think about relocating to India. 52 percent of Indian Americans who indicated they would think about moving did so in order to be closer to family. Participants were also asked to forecast which nation would rank as the top economic power in the globe in the following ten years. Just 53% of respondents selected the United States. China was selected by 36%. The majority of participants had ties to Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea.

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