Some People Need Their Marriage to Be a Unique Experience

An increasing number of couples are requesting that guests dress unconventionally for their wedding ceremonies. As a result, it seems that many guests are perplexed by the unexpected demands and unsure of what to think about it. Maggie Long is a 34-year-old New York resident. She was in attendance at a close friend’s wedding not too long ago at a Denver, Colorado restaurant. The pair said that “dive bar semiformal” was the recommended attire for the occasion. A dive bar is an inexpensive drinking establishment where patrons are not typically well-behaved. “I adore a theme,” Long remarked. “It’s fun that people aren’t taking weddings so seriously, but I had no idea what that meant.”


Long said a lot of the older guests at the dive bar wedding were into the concept. A visitor donned a rainbow tie-dye shirt, a vibrant, bohemian garment that gained popularity in the 1960s. There have been invitations to “tropical formal,” “snappy casual,” and “garden party whimsical” weddings sent to other attendees. The founder of the San Francisco, California-based wedding design firm Emily Coyne Events is Emily Coyne. Numerous couples, according to her, are attempting to set their nuptials apart from those of their peers. Making sure there is communication around the dress code is crucial. Don’t merely mislead visitors, she said.


Rikki Gotthelf was there at the “space disco cowboy” wedding of a friend. The hosts directed their visitors to a deserted village close to Austin, Texas. Gotthelf turned to Sophie Strauss, a self-described “stylist for regular people,” for advice. Asking the pair directly whether they had not made themselves plain is something Strauss recommends. “Remember, it’s not a costume,” she advises guests who are struggling with unusual dress restrictions. Unless, of course, it’s a costume party in true sense. Unusual wedding themes frequently have a personal significance behind them. In May 2024, Madison Smith, age 32, will tie the knot. She specifies “black tie sunset glam” as acceptable attire.

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