Twitter Limits How Many Tweets Users Can Read Each Day

There are now temporary limits on how many tweets, or posts, users can view in a given day on Twitter. Additionally, the business implemented a new policy mandating Twitter accounts in order to see tweets on the messaging app. Elon Musk, the CEO of the company, tweeted about the modifications that have occurred. He clarified that the limitations were an effort to reduce “scraping,” a practice where companies steal copious amounts of publicly accessible data from significant websites. According to Musk, the interim restrictions are meant to combat “extreme levels” of data collecting and scraping that may have an impact on Twitter’s system performance.

The CEO of Twitter made the announcements on July 1. He added that the amount of tweets that can be read daily by individuals who pay for a “verified” account on Twitter is 6,000. New unverified accounts could read 300 tweets each day, but those with unverified accounts could only see 600. Musk had declared a few days prior that customers would need to have an account on Twitter in order to view tweets. That action was characterized by him as a “temporary emergency measure.” According to Musk, the extent of third-party data harvesting activity was “degrading service for normal users.” In the past, Musk has harshly chastised artificial intelligence (AI) firms for harvesting data for their enterprises from publicly accessible Twitter accounts.

Musk later established tougher limitations following widespread online criticism of the Twitter policy. He said that 1,000 tweets might be seen by unverified accounts and 10,000 by confirmed accounts. New unverified account holders can now access up to 500 tweets every day. When reporters from the Associated Press and Reuters asked for comments on the adjustments, neither Twitter nor Musk responded. Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. Since Musk paid $44 billion to acquire Twitter last year, he has implemented a number of changes, the most recent of which being these limits. He also let go of over 75% of the company’s employees shortly after becoming leadership. He claimed that in order to boost revenue and improve Twitter’s effectiveness, the change was required.

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