Auto Repair Brings Cadillac Sevilles Back to Iran

Khosro Dahaghin is meticulously repairing a Cadillac Seville, a unique vehicle, at his auto repair shop close to Tehran, the capital of Iran. The car requires repairs because it is more than 40 years old. General Motors (GM), an American carmaker, collaborated with an Iranian business to produce the vehicles in Iran in the 1970s. In Iran, the Sevilles were more than twice as expensive as they were in the US. Cadillac Iran was “the most luxurious and unique car that was assembled in Iran,” Dahaghin said in an interview with The Associated Press. He claimed that at the time, the Seville was superior to all other cars.

Large, plush seats, electric windows, and door locks were all features of the Seville, along with a strong engine. When it first hit the market in 1975, it sold for $12,479 in the US. Should the price be adjusted to reflect the impact of inflation, that would be more than $70,000 in current currency. The only facility outside of the US that produced Cadillacs at the time was located in Iran. Using American designs and components, General Motors Iran Ltd. was established by GM to manufacture the Seville and other automobiles. At the time, the Sevilles sold for roughly $35,000 in Iran. A representative for Cadillac in the United States, Michael Albano, stated he thought roughly 2,500 Sevilles were made in Iran.

Following the Islamic Revolution of 1979, both GM and Americans departed the nation. Iran carried on constructing Sevillas for a few more years. The GM Iran plant was nationalized, giving rise to the manufacturer Pars Khodro, which is still in operation today. Tehran’s Machine Magazine is edited in chief by Saeed Shobeiri. He estimates that there are currently roughly sixty Sevilles that are suitable for daily driving. And he believes that the number of people who cannot be driven exceeds 100. These vehicles require maintenance. The expert in auto repair Dahaghin and his colleagues intend to fix them. Dahaghin once watched an American TV program that demonstrated how vintage cars are restored to seem brand-new. Since 2013, he has been involved in Sevilles.

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