Henry’s “Transients in Arcadia”

It’s summertime heaven at this particular hotel on Broadway. Not many individuals are aware of it. It’s chilly and broad. Dark wood makes up the walls of its rooms. It is surrounded by verdant trees and gentle breezes. It offers all the benefits of living in the mountains without any of the drawbacks. There, the fish you eat will be superior than what you could catch for yourself in the hillside streams. You’ll have meat fit for a hunter returning from the woods. A few people have found this refreshing place in New York’s sweltering summer. These few visitors can be seen having dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Broadway has a pleasant, far-off sound that resembles flowing water in a forest. The guests glance around at every unusual footstep. They fear that the peaceful tranquility of their hotel would be destroyed by irascible pleasure seekers. Thus, these few people survive the summer heat. They take pleasure in the beach and mountains. Everything is delivered to them at the hotel on Broadway. This past summer, a woman introducing herself as “Madame Héloise D’Arcy Beaumont” visited the hotel. The name sounded like a character from a wonderful love tale. And the kind of women the Hotel Lotus cherished was Madame Beaumont. She had exquisite manners and a stunning appearance. Everybody wanted to assist her. The other visitors thought that as a guest she was perfection.

Rarely did this ideal visitor check out of the hotel. She shared this trait with the other Hotel Lotus visitors. One had to forget about the city in order to enjoy that hotel. It could have been miles to New York. One might occasionally go out at night. However, one stayed in the Lotus’ refreshing shade throughout the sweltering day. Madame was alone herself at the Lotus Hotel. Because of her elevated status, she was alone, much as a queen is alone. Late one morning, she got out of bed. Then she was a gentle, kind lady who seemed to glow subtly.

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