India Looks Into Hundreds Killed in Train Crash

An official inquiry has been opened in India into a train accident that left at least 275 persons dead and approximately 1,200 injured. Authorities stated that they think the mishap, or collision, may have been caused by a signal failure. The incident occurred on Friday in the eastern state of Odisha, in the Balasore district. A stopped freight train was struck first by one of the passenger trains. Due to this, the passenger train and another passenger train traveling in the other direction collided. Families of those who perished in the collision gathered at a Bhubaneswar hospital on Monday to attempt to identify the dead. Only 45 bodies had been identified as of Monday, according to officials, while 33 had been turned over.


Hospital official Dr. Utkal Keshari Suna remarked, “It’s the first time I have dealt with something like this.” Bhubaneshwar. It’s been an extremely challenging journey. Nothing like this, I’m used to dealing with dead bodies because I work in forensics,” he continued. Suna observed that as time went on and the remains deteriorated, it became harder to identify the bodies. A few trains resumed their service. Following ceaseless attempts to recover survivors and clean and fix the track, the disaster occurred Sunday night on the same stretch of track. One of the worst train accidents in India’s history occurred during the crash. The Coromandel Express, which was heading to Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu, was one of the passenger trains.


Following the collision, at least 123 trains experienced delays or cancellations. The incident caused airline ticket prices to rise. However, the Indian ministry of civil aviation issued a warning to airlines not to raise their rates. From Bihar, Usman Ansari traveled to retrieve his brother-in-law Kasim Mia’s body. He said to The Associated Press that he and two pals traveled for a full day. However, they discovered that the bodies had been transported to Bhubaneswar when they arrived at the crash scene.

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