AI Voices and Music Are Used in an Experiment on Swiss Radio

Recently, a Swiss radio station tested voice acting and programming supplied by robots live in a social experiment. The 13-hour trial was broadcast on Couleur 3, a station in the French language. Five human presenters’ voices were cloned and played for the audience at that time. A portion of the station’s programming featured music produced with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Every twenty minutes, the broadcast updated the listeners on the experiment. A voice stated, “AI is sweeping through your favorite radio.” “We’re here to frighten, startle, and shake you with our clones and AI. Additionally, a robot wrote this material as well.


New advances in AI have produced a number of technologies that allow robots to perform certain human tasks. These instruments are a part of the “generative AI” system family. To get outcomes that are comparable to those of a human, the tools train AI systems on vast volumes of data using machine learning techniques. ChatGPT is one of the most well-known generative AI technologies. It attracted a lot of attention when it proved it could write answers to questions faster and at a degree of quality comparable to that of humans.


The Associated Press was informed by Antoine Multone, the head of the Swiss station, that Couleur 3 was able to conduct the experiment because it has a reputation for performing “provocative” tasks. Multone defended the idea, saying it will teach people how to coexist with AI. “Mon Dieu, there’s a new technology!,” we would bury our heads in the sand and become ostriches, in my opinion. We’re all going to die! Then, yes, whether we like it or not, AI is here to stay and we will all perish,” Multone stated over the phone. “In order to set limits on the technology, we want to master it first.”

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