An American Company Wants to Reopen a Closed Nuclear Power Facility

A corporation that typically dismantles decommissioned nuclear power plants purchased one in Michigan almost a year ago. In western Michigan, the Palisades Nuclear Generating Station was acquired by Holtec Decommissioning International. The corporation intended to remove radioactive materials from the center, secure the buildings, and prepare the Lake Michigan shoreline for eventual development. This is due to a measure that contained $6 billion to maintain the operation of aging nuclear facilities, which was approved by the US Congress and signed by President Joe Biden in late 2021.


The people in charge of Holtec believed they could reopen the factory and address some of its issues with a portion of that money. Holtec’s idea received backing from Michigan politicians, including Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Thus, the business requested funding from the federal government in a letter to Jennifer Granholm, the secretary of energy for the United States, in order to assist in reopening the factory. According to local officials, the power plant will revive employment in the region. Politicians from the state, like Whitmer, predicted that the plant’s power will be crucial to Michigan’s economy.


However, the plant’s detractors said that when it was first operational, Entergy, it had numerous issues. In actuality, a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) assessment revealed numerous issues, thus Entergy closed the center earlier than anticipated. A component that regulates the nuclear reaction of the plant was one of the issues. Kevin Kamps is against the idea of reopening the Palisades facility. His employer is the non-profit organization Beyond Nuclear. He declared that the plan was dangerous and that he would “fight this proposal at every turn.”

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