What’s Causing Thousands of Subreddits to Close?

On the social media platform Reddit, users with similar interests can engage in dialogue by leaving comments, uploading videos, and sharing photos. Posts are categorized according to various subjects into communities, or subreddits. In a recent show of defiance, thousands of well-known Reddit communities—including those centered around technology, gaming, and music—locked out their members. The moderators, or community organizers, are against the company’s proposal to charge for data access. App developers who are not employed by Reddit, or third-party app developers, will need to pay for the platform’s application programming interface (API) starting next month. It is a programming system that enables communication between an end-user and a data supplier.

Reddit intends to charge less than $1 per user per month or $0.24 for every 1,000 API calls for developers who demand higher usage limitations. The Apollo app is one example of a third-party app. Getting articles from the main Reddit page is a common option among Reddit users. Apollo said that the charges would exceed $20 million year given their present consumption. Furthermore, the site’s developer stated that it is now “impossible” to continue providing the service due to the high fees. The Apollo app for Reddit was created by Christian Selig, who announced that the service will end on June 30.


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