Tesla begins construction on a lithium processing facility in Texas.

Tesla, an American electric vehicle manufacturer, has begun construction on a new lithium processing facility that it claims will enable it to produce up to one million vehicles by 2025. According to the Reuters news agency, when the Texas plant is finished, it will be the biggest processor of lithium in North America. The initiative will force Tesla to venture outside of its primary business of producing electric cars (EVs). The majority of EVs are powered by lithium-based batteries. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, stated during a recent groundbreaking ceremony that the processing center is necessary for the company to meet its goals for EV sales. He clarified that there will likely be severe shortages of lithium in the world’s supply in a few of years.


According to Musk, Tesla plans to finish building the factory by the following year. About a year from now, production is anticipated to be at full capacity. With this development, Tesla will be the first significant North American automaker to produce its own lithium. China is currently the largest processor of a number of highly sought-after minerals, including lithium. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, was present at the event. He declared, “Texas wants to be able to provide for itself without having to rely on any hostile foreign country.” Lithium is necessary. Musk did not provide a precise figure for the annual amount of lithium that the plant would process.


Albemarle intends to construct a lithium processing facility in South Carolina with the capacity to refine 100,000 tons of lithium annually. Next year is when work on that project is anticipated to start. Where Tesla would obtain the raw lithium, sometimes referred to as spodumene concentration, was not disclosed by Musk. The company currently has supply agreements with Piedmont Lithium, located in North Carolina, among other companies. Tesla announced that it will forgo the conventional lithium refining method, which is reliant on sulfuric acid and other potent chemicals. Rather, the company stated that it intends to use products like soda ash that are less harmful to the environment.

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