US to Remove Last Requirements for COVID-19 Vaccine

On May 11, the Joe Biden administration announced that the majority of the federal COVID-19 vaccination mandates would no longer be in place. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services selected that day in February to conclude the COVID-19 public health emergency throughout the nation. On May 11, federal employees and contractors will no longer need to obtain vaccinations. Furthermore, the current vaccination laws, or requirements, will no longer apply to international air travelers to the United States.


At the borders of the United States, the government has also started the process of removing the vaccine requirements for some healthcare professionals, educators, and foreign nationals. Dr. Ashish Jha, the Biden administration’s COVID-19 coordinator, recently chatted with the Associated Press (AP). “We’ve reached a point where we think it makes a lot of sense to roll back these requirements, even though I think these vaccine mandates had a tremendous positive impact,” he stated. When the country’s vaccination rate leveled out, Biden utilized his presidential authority to mandate vaccines beginning in the fall of 2021. Around that time, reports of several viral variations started to surface. Certain variations proliferated with ease.


The United States’ vaccination laws once covered over 100 million individuals. Prior to taking office in January 2021, Biden had disregarded such restrictions. However, he was more receptive to the notion after a large portion of the populace declined vaccination. His administration said that those who chose not to receive vaccinations were jeopardizing other people’s lives and undermining the country’s efforts to recover economically. Biden’s vaccine mandates for large corporations and military personnel have already been revoked by federal courts and the US Congress.

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