AI Tools Raise New Concerns for the US Election of 2024

There has always been a chance that false information will sway voters in elections all across the world. However, political analysts caution that further issues could arise during the 2024 US presidential election due to new artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. The public can easily access recently released AI tools for free. According to experts, these kinds of tools can be used to offer voters with bogus or misleading information in an effort to support a candidate. False information can take many different forms, such as convincingly false news articles. High-quality audio or video that pretends to feature genuine candidates but was actually produced by machines can likewise be used to target voters.


These days, AI systems can create phony sounds, photos, and movies in a matter of seconds. Additionally, individuals can develop them at little to no expense. When ChatGPT launched late last year, the tools—dubbed “generative AI”—have drawn a lot of interest. These AI capabilities, according to tech experts, can be used to create fake messages in a variety of ways. The content can then be posted on phony online news websites or social media platforms. Because it can be directed at particular demographics, this kind of content may be effective.


AI specialists have discovered potential scenarios where AI might be utilized to deceive voters. These include phone messages produced by AI that sound like they were spoken by the candidates. Voters may be misinformed about the correct voting date by such messages. It is also possible to produce fake audio recordings that purport to be a candidate confessing to a crime or voicing bigoted beliefs. Videos may also purport to show politicians making remarks or giving a speech that they never made. It is possible to create fake photos that mimic local news articles claiming a contender has pulled out of the contest. Donald Trump, the former president and 2024 presidential candidate, has distributed content created by artificial intelligence to his fans.

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