Low-hanging Fruit

Have you ever gone fruit-picking at a farm or orchard? Was it simple to pluck every piece of fruit, or were some parts more accessible than others? Maybe there were some apples on a tree that you couldn’t reach. And perhaps you noticed that before you, some people had chosen the fruit that was the easiest to reach. You can find some low-hanging fruit if you happen to be the first person to arrive at an apple tree during harvest season. The apples on the branches nearest to the ground are these ones. The term “low-hanging fruit” refers to the simplest or most apparent actions you can take to advance your goals.


This is an issue that occasionally arises for those who attempt to make new films, TV series, or songs. They may think that the greatest songs and plots have already been covered. Some screenwriters or songwriters may argue that the best ideas have already been taken. We can argue that there are slim pickings left when the majority of the desired fruit, ideas, or possessions have already been taken. This indicates that there aren’t many options remaining that are useful. We are also scraping the bottom of the barrel when there is nearly nothing of value left. This indicates that we are attempting to obtain the final pieces. All that’s left are scraps.


“Scraps” are tiny, undesired fragments that are left over after a procedure, such as food scraps that are left over after preparing or eating a meal. Frequently, the leftovers are thrown away or fed to animals. Therefore, having nothing but scraps indicates that you have the least valuable possessions, which are essentially worthless to most people. We have to find a solution when a resource, like water, is completely depleted. Digging a well to access subterranean water is one solution. Some wells can last for many years, but others run dry. Nothing remains after the well runs dry.

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