After being taken to Russia, some Ukrainian children are now back with their families

The goal of the humanitarian organization Save Ukraine is to repatriate Ukrainian children from Russia. Nearly 20,000 children, according to Ukraine, were forcibly brought into Russia during the conflict that broke out in February 2022. So far, the group has completed five missions. The organization sent 31 children back to Ukraine last week. Russia is allegedly “abducting” children from areas of Ukraine under its authority. Russia disputes that. For their protection, it states that the kids have been removed from hazardous regions.


Save Ukraine’s creator, Mykola Kuleba, holds a position in the president’s office of Ukraine. He described the recent mission as “special” due to its “complexity” and the quantity of youngsters they brought home. According to Save Ukraine, it assisted family members in organizing their journey to Russia in order to locate and reunite with their children. On the trip, one woman passed away. She was meant to return home with her two grandkids. They were so compelled to stay in Russia. Recently in Kiev, three kids who had been saved on a previous operation spoke with media. According to the two boys and one girl, their parents were informed that they would be returning home in two weeks to attend a summer camp in Russia.


Vitaly, one of the boys, claimed to be from the Kherson region. “We received animal-like treatment. We were shut down in a different building,” he remarked. “Some children say they were living with rats and cockroaches,” Kuleba stated. The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Maria Lvova-Belova, the court’s commissioner for children’s rights, and Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. They are accused of kidnapping Ukrainian youngsters. Russia stated that the kids were relocated for their safety. Additionally, claiming it does not recognize the court, Russia refused the arrest warrant issued by the ICC.

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