Chinese Enterprises Seek to Outcompete US Project with Undersea Internet Link

According to the Reuters news agency, Chinese businesses intend to construct an underwater internet link that will connect Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Technology analysts view China’s proposed $500 million project as an effort to compete with a comparable endeavor headed by American businesses. The Chinese initiative is called EMA. Its goal is to cover the ocean floor with a massive network of fast internet lines. China’s HMN Tech is to install the cable and create the network, according to Reuters. According to the news agency, HMN Tech would receive funding for the initiative from the Chinese government. According to Reuters, the project was confirmed by four individuals who had firsthand knowledge of the plans.


The three primary telecom providers in China will assist with the operation’s planning. The four people stated that it is anticipated to be among the most sophisticated and vast underwater cable networks in the world. According to reports, the proposed network will connect the Chinese island state of Hainan with Hong Kong. It would then continue to Singapore, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and France. Reuters claimed to have spoken with officials of the Chinese telecom firms and HMN Tech. However, none of them expressed a desire to comment.


China’s foreign ministry said in a statement to Reuters that it “has always encouraged” Chinese businesses “to carry out foreign investment and cooperation.” Regarding the purported Chinese-led effort, the ministry did not offer any specific details. More than 95% of all international internet traffic is carried by underwater cables. These projects typically entail collaboration between numerous telecommunications and technology businesses. The businesses pool their resources to create extensive networks that enable fast global data transportation. These networks are thought to be crucial for assisting the participating countries and enterprises in their military and commercial endeavors.

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