Italy’s “imperfect” models redefine beauty

An Italian initiative on the social media platform Instagram seeks to highlight women who don’t resemble typical fashion models. In 2020, Carlotta Giancane founded the modeling agency L’Imperfetta. The Italian translation of the name is “imperfect.” Additionally, the agency wants to change Italian perceptions of beauty. The agency represents models who are unique in many aspects for the industry. Every age and size of model is represented. A few of the models are impaired. Some people suffer from illnesses like alopecia, which results in hair loss. Others still have skin discolorations or scars from previous injuries.


Model Sonia Spartá is among them. The 28-year-old Sicilian has hyperpigmentation, also known as odd skin coloring. She gets dark marks on her body and face as a result. She claimed that she frequently overhears conversations about her appearance in public. She’s heard some parents claim that she’s from the circus to their kids. She had previously attempted to disguise her illness. She doesn’t now. She thinks her appearance is lovely. “I changed things so that my source of strength—my distinctiveness—became my weakness, or how I perceived a weakness,” the woman stated.


There are about 140 models in the agency. They are found both globally and in Italy. Giancane, though, stated that she want to see changes in Italy. Her models have been featured in supermarket, fashion, and cosmetic product advertisements. The majority of the work is done through internet ads. However, there have also been requests for models for TV commercials. Two models have participated in Marco Rambaldi fashion shows in Milan.


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