To survive in space, humans must create conditions similar to those on Earth

According to a recent study by American experts, in order for humans to exist in space for extended periods of time, very Earth-like circumstances will need to be created. The paper is released as NASA, the US space agency, gets ready to launch its Artemis program to send men back to the moon. NASA just revealed the members of its upcoming astronaut crew, who will fly around the moon as part of a test mission. NASA intends to send expeditions to Mars in the far future. Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences published a paper on the subject recently. The parameters it outlines are probably necessary to sustain human life for an extended period of time in space or on other planets.


The project focused on problems like managing gravity and oxygen in space, gathering water, advancing agriculture, and disposing of waste in orbit. Cornell doctorate candidate Morgan Irons was one of the researchers. She worked with other scientists to investigate critical physical requirements that humans might need in the future for space travel. In a statement, she stated that in order for humans and their necessary gear to survive in space, a “natural ecosystem” would be needed. “The mission fails without these kinds of systems,” Irons continued.


Lee Irons was another co-author of the paper. In addition to leading the Norfolk Institute, which aims to “work toward the resiliency” of humanity on Earth and in space, he is Morgan’s father. Lee Irons stated one of the main concerns for humans in space will be issues relating to gravity. In space, the force of gravity is less for humans. He pointed out that the fluid pressure in living organisms can alter in the absence of gravity. Health issues may arise for people residing in space as a result.

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