US Establishes New Pollution Cap to Encourage Sales of Electric Vehicles

President Joe Biden’s administration wants to implement new regulations to increase the number of electric vehicles sold in the country. Biden wants additional limitations on pollution from vehicles and trucks to be implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. The result of the laws is that most new automobiles sold in the U.S. will need to be electric by 2032. The new regulations restrict the amount of pollutants that vehicles produced between 2027 and 2032 may emit. Compared to the agreement reached by automakers less than two years ago, the idea is more robust.


The number of electric vehicles that automakers must sell year will not be mandated by the EPA. Rather, the types of automobiles and trucks that automakers can sell will be influenced by the government’s emission limitations. According to the EPA, by 2032, slightly under half of bigger cars—like trucks—will be electric, and the majority of smaller vehicles sold will be electric as well. Michael Regan is the EPA’s director. In 2021, Biden named him to be the agency’s head. The proposal is “the most ambitious…ever for cars and trucks,” according to Regan. He claimed that Americans will benefit from cheaper fuel prices and cleaner air.


The Alliance for Automotive Innovation is a trade association for automobiles, and John Bozzella is its leader. He voiced concern that the targets are too high and referred to the new plan as “aggressive.” He claimed that less than two years ago, the Biden administration unveiled a strategy that was already challenging for automakers to implement. According to the legislation, by 2030, half of all new cars must be electric. That proposal was dubbed a “stretch goal” by Bozzella. According to him, the effectiveness of both strategies still hinges on two crucial elements: To meet the targets, automakers must first be able to create a sufficient number of electric vehicles. Second, the majority of Americans must be able to afford the new vehicles.

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