As the Strike Continues, Paris Has Mountains of Waste

Mountains of trash are accumulating on Paris’ streets as a result of a strike by garbage collectors in France. On Tuesday, the strike began its sixteenth day. The decision by President Emmanuel Macron to raise the retirement age of garbage collectors from 57 to 59 is what the strikes are protesting. Without a vote, Macron’s administration rammed the bill through Parliament last week. On Monday, the government prevailed in votes in Parliament regarding two measures to sever ties with the Macron government.

The 62-year-old creative advisor Vincent Salazar resides in the Left Bank district of Paris. He discussed the issue of trash obstructing the streets with The Associated Press. It has an unpleasant odor. Salazar declared, “Chanel is better than the stink.” The well-known French perfume manufacturer Chanel. At the corner of his building, with a view of the Luxembourg Gardens, is a pile of trash. Rats were scaling the pile, according to Salazar. However, he stated that he is in favor of the striking garbage workers. Salazar remarked, “I’m lucky to live here, but I’m 200 percent behind these guys.” He continued, “They smell it all day long.” “They ought to retire early.”

Studies on public opinion indicate that most French people share Salazar’s viewpoint on the matter. They’ve declared their opposition to Macron’s plan to increase retirement age by two years. Numerous protestors, including unions, have demanded that the strikes go on in order to put pressure on Macron’s government to reevaluate its plans. The Paris mayor is in favor of the strikes. She is faced with a dilemma since representatives from City Hall have defied demands to move the garbage trucks onto the streets. Authorities claimed that they had no obligation to do so. Then, according to police tweets on Tuesday, Police Chief Laurent Nunez ordered 674 garbage collectors and 206 garbage vehicles to return to work in order to ensure basic service.

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