China Research Mission Discovers New Moon Water Source

Researchers claim to have found water in samples taken from a Chinese lunar expedition. The water is contained in minuscule glass beads that were discovered in the soil around the lunar impact site of many meteorites. 2020 saw the collection of the dirt. The study was led by Hejiu Hui from Nanjing University and was just published in Nature Geoscience. According to Hui, the beads range in size from one hair’s breadth to many hairs’ worth. The volume of water within was minuscule. There may be a lot of water on the moon because billions, if not trillions, of these beads are present. However, mining it would be challenging, according to the study team.

Hui responded to an email with, “Yes, a ton of glass beads will be needed.” However, the moon is covered in an enormous amount of beads. The research is based on 32 glass beads that were selected at random from lunar soil that China’s Chang’e 5 moon mission collected. There will be more research, Hui added. The beads, which are produced by the cooling of melting material ejected by inbound space rocks, are everywhere. According to Hui, this demonstrates that “water can be recharged on the moon’s surface… a new water reservoir on the moon.”

According to the study’s findings, future robotic missions may be able to eliminate water by heating the beads. To demonstrate whether such water removals are feasible or whether the water would be safe to consume, more research is still required. Previous research discovered water in glass beads created by lunar volcanic activity. Materials gathered on the moon by US astronauts over fifty years ago were employed in those investigations. By the end of 2025, NASA, the US space agency, intends to return humans to the moon. The astronauts want to target the south pole, which is thought to include craters that are home to frozen water.

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