Macron Increases the French Retirement Age and Ignores Parliament

The retirement age will increase from 62 to 64 under a highly controversial policy that French President Emmanuel Macron authorized on Thursday. Macron acted without the support of Parliament. The nation’s legislative assembly is anticipated to respond by putting out plans to revoke the parliament’s endorsement of Macron’s administration. In case of disturbance, police cars were circling the National Assembly building. Since January, there have been significant nationwide strikes and rallies against the proposed changes to the retirement age and pensions. Macron contends that in order to prevent a deficit in the pension system, change is required.


During a Cabinet meeting, the decision was made to order the measure using special constitutional powers. It happened shortly before the idea was scheduled to be voted on by Parliament. Macron did not have a majority in the lower house of the French parliament guaranteed. At the National Assembly, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne attempted to formally declare the decision. A few participants disrupted by performing the national song of France. To restore order to the proceedings, the speaker had to adjourn the meeting for a short while.


Borne stated that the executive action was an essential step. “We cannot afford to let 175 hours of parliamentary debate come to an end. We can’t take a chance with our pensioners’ future,” she stated. Both liberal and conservative lawmakers swiftly verified their next course of action. According to Marine Le Pen, her National Rally party would put out a proposal to revoke support. A comparable plan from his group is “ready,” according to Communist Party MP Fabien Roussel. Roussel declared, “The mobilization will continue.” “This reform needs to be put on hold.” In order for a proposal to be withdrawn, at least half of the lower house members must vote in favor of it. 287 votes are represented by that. The French government was last forced to step down in 1962.

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