More American youth are opting out of college

A triennial ago, COVID-19Major alterations were brought about in the college experience by 19 regulations. They took classes online as opposed to in traditional classroom settings. Many students lived at home instead of on campus. Some young people questioned if attending college was worthwhile as a result of the changes. Most college courses are resumed as usual today. However, some young individuals who choose to postpone attending college due to the epidemic are still making this decision. An increasing number of young people are opting out of college due to concerns about student debt and the growing expenses of higher education.


Rather, they are in the workforce. Many people think it’s the best choice for them. Experts in labor are worried that the decline will have long-term negative effects for the US economy. A decline in college grads will result in fewer workers in fields like information technology and health care. However, some educators perceive recent high school grads as “different.” Jamia Stokes is employed by Tennessee’s SCORE, an organization dedicated to education. Regarding “the way they work, about the way they spend their time and their money,” she claimed that students are becoming more pragmatic.


Since there are well-paying opportunities available immediately following high school, some young people are opting for employment over college. The Associated Press conducted interviews with Tennessee youth who are not enrolled in school but are of college age. The majority are employed. One is thinking about enrolling in college. Jackson, a little Tennessee town sandwiched between Memphis and Nashville, is home to Mia Woodard. Woodard recalled attempting to complete online college applications while seated in her bedroom. She questions whether she sent them in successfully today. She said that none of the colleges had gotten back to her. She questions whether the applications were not delivered because of her spotty Wi-Fi signal. Perhaps, she suggested, she just didn’t give the correct details.

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