More People Are Creating and Publishing Books with ChatGPT

Brett Schickler never thought he would be a published novelist until lately. However, after discovering the ChatGPT artificial intelligence initiative, Schickler concluded that his chances were favorable. “Writing a book seemed like a realistic idea at last,” stated Rochester, New York salesman Schickler. “I thought ‘I can do this.'” In a matter of hours, Schickler produced a 30-page illustrated children’s e-book with the help of the AI program. In January, he put it up for sale on Amazon under the self-publishing category.


According to Schickler, the e-book, titled The Wise Little Squirrel: A Tale of Saving and Investing, has brought in less than $100. Even while it might not seem like much, it’s enough to inspire him to use the program to write more books. Schickler remarked, “I could see people making a whole career out of this.” As of mid-February, there were more than 200 e-books in the Amazon Kindle store that listed ChatGPT as a writer or co-writer. And the quantity is growing every day. However, because of ChatGPT’s nature and the fact that many authors refuse to acknowledge using it, it is practically hard to determine the exact number of e-books that could have been authored by AI.


A growing number of authors are growing concerned about ChatGPT’s potential impact on the book publishing sector. The executive director of the writer’s organization Authors Guild is Mary Rasenberger. “This is something we really need to be worried about; a lot of authors will be out of work as a result of these books flooding the market,” the speaker stated. According to Rasenberger, the industry has a long history of “ghostwriting,” which is the widely accepted practice of paying someone to write speeches or books under the pen name of another author. However, she fears that the ability to produce using AI could transform book writing from an artistic endeavor into a commodity, akin to a basic raw material that can be purchased and traded.

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