Putin greets Xi despite the conflict in Ukraine

On Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping was received in Moscow by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Xi’s three-day visit has been hailed by China and Russia as an opportunity to strengthen their “no-limits friendship.” Putin wished for even closer relations between the two countries and congratulated Xi on winning a third term as president of China. He declared that Russia is open to negotiations and praised China’s suggestions for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine. He responded, “We will talk about everything, including your initiative, which we really appreciate.”


Xi acknowledged that Russia is the first foreign nation he has visited after his reelection and thanked Putin for his remarks. Additionally, since the International Criminal Court (ICC) ordered Putin’s arrest on war crimes accusations, Xi is the first world leader to meet the Russian president. Since entering Ukraine a year ago, he is charged with forcibly removing and sending children to Russia. Russia revoked the order for an arrest. The ICC is not acknowledged by it.


According to presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, Putin and Xi would probably discuss a “detailed explanation” of Russia’s activities in Ukraine during their dinner conversation. The official said that on Tuesday, representatives from China and Russia will meet to talk about more general matters. In an article that appeared in the Chinese People’s Daily, Putin called Xi’s visit a “landmark event.” The tour demonstrates “the unique nature of the Russia-China partnership,” according to him. Putin added that the summit conveyed to the US that neither of the two nations will tolerate efforts to undermine the other.

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