Russia launches its largest missile strike against Ukraine in weeks

As Russia fired a barrage of missiles into Ukraine early on Thursday, at least six individuals lost their lives. Since the middle of February, this was Russia’s first significant missile attack. The attack knocked off the electricity in a number of locations, including Kharkiv and Kyiv. The largest nuclear reactor in Europe had to activate its emergency cooling system as a result of the strikes in order to prevent dangerous overheating. Such cooling systems can only be used in nuclear power plants that are electrically connected. Although the nuclear center in Zaporizhzhia has been connected again, thousands of residents still without access to energy and heat.


According to Rafael Grossi of the International Atomic Energy Agency, “we are rolling a dice” each time there is an attack close to the power station. According to Grossi, “one day our luck will run out” and something will go wrong. Distant from the main fighting lines, the strikes targeted regions in western Ukraine. The strikes, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, were Russia’s response to an offensive by Ukraine in the Bryansk region of western Russia. Russia was fabricating a story to support the missile assault, according to Ukraine, which denied the existence of the attack in Russia.


According to Ukrainian officials, Russia launched eight drones and 81 missiles on Thursday. The Ukrainian military claimed to have intercepted 34 missiles and four drones, but claimed that the variety of weaponry used made defense challenging. There were six hypersonic, or extremely fast missiles, used in the strike. Experts claim that Ukraine’s military is unable to halt these missiles, which are among Russia’s most advanced. Russia’s ongoing assault on Ukraine’s electrical system is an extension of its previous attempts. According to experts, Russia believes that by cutting off the heat and power, Ukrainian officials will be more inclined to cede territory to Russia in exchange for a peace agreement.

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