The Need for Media and Internet Literacy in US Schools Is Growing

A growing number of academics and researchers are drawing attention to false information that is disseminated via social media and the internet. Teachers already deal with a lot of challenges. Including so-called media literacy may also provide issues. What worries me is that certain topics are viewed solely as political ones. This might involve things like false information regarding vaccines, rising global temperatures, or even Russia’s conflict in Ukraine. According to the Associated Press, individuals who are against internet literacy education claim it is equivalent to thought control. Some teachers are unable to use it in their classes as a result.

Media literacy is Julie Smith’s specialty. In the state of Missouri, she is an instructor at Webster University. It is not about teaching students what to think, but rather how to think, according to her. “It’s engaging about engaging your brain,” she remarked. It poses the question, “Who made this? Why? Why am I only now seeing it? What emotions does it evoke in me, and why? Mother of two from Massachusetts, Erin McNeil has experience as a reporter. According to her, media literacy is a talent that is equally crucial to the economy as computer engineering. She founded Media Literacy Now, a nonprofit organization. The group is in favor of teaching digital literacy.

Seattle, Washington is home to social studies teacher Shawn Lee. He believes that media and internet literacy are just as vital to modern life as high school driver education. He has imparted knowledge on utilizing critical thinking, obtaining information from multiple sources, and double-checking web reports. Additionally, he founded a group where educators could exchange information. “This technology is so new that no one taught us how to use it,” Lee stated. Individuals say things like, ‘There’s nothing we can do.That’s not how I feel. The republic may be able to endure an algorithm, I hope.”

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