The Return of the Ringling Bros. Circus sans Animals

A well-known American circus has been revived and recreated without use any animals in the performance. Nowadays, the main attraction of the family-friendly event is people doing acrobatics, like walking on a wire and soaring into the skies on a trapeze. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus is owned by Feld Entertainment. The business discussed what attendees might anticipate from the traveling exhibition in 2023 in an interview with the Associated Press. September is when it opens.

Performers from eighteen nations, comprising seventy-five members, will execute the acts, which blend power, skill, and artistry. A high above the earth, some people may execute jumps, sprints, and other stunts on a wire. More than 7.5 meters above the ground, the wire is extended into a triangular pattern. Additionally, very high in the air, flying trapeze performers will perform, flipping as they go. Others execute tricks on skateboards, bicycles, unicycles, and self-turning wheels.

The firm refers to it as the “Greatest Show on Earth,” and it will debut in Bossier City, Louisiana, in 2023. Through the end of the year, it will perform in nine additional states, including Ohio, Missouri, Maryland, and Oklahoma. It picks back up in Florida in 2024, where Feld Entertainment is based. Feld Entertainment claims that its goal was to establish an entirely new kind of circus. “We were aware that we would return. According to Kenneth Feld, chair and CEO of Feld Entertainment, “We didn’t know exactly how.” We needed a considerable amount of time to thoroughly examine Ringling from several angles. It evolved into a reconsideration and reassessment of our approach.

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