Users Can Now Create and Edit Photos Using Text with New Adobe AI Tools

Adobe is the most recent technology giant to include artificial intelligence (AI) tools in its lineup of offerings. The instruments are a part of the “generative AI” system family of systems. These technologies teach AI systems on vast volumes of data using algorithms, yielding outcomes that are comparable to those of humans. ChatGPT is one of the most well-known generative AI technologies. The method was introduced by the business OpenAI last year, and it garnered extensive media coverage. When ChatGPT was first introduced, it showed that it could generate written papers of human caliber fast.

A number of significant American software companies, such as Microsoft and Google, have announced intentions to integrate ChatGPT-like features into their products in recent weeks. Experts predict that these instruments will significantly alter a wide range of industries and professions in the future. Adobe is a software developer that makes tools for producing and disseminating online content and digital documents. Adobe tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, have long been used by professional photographers and creators of digital content to produce high-quality images and documents.

The AI products from Adobe, which it referred to as a “family of creative generative AI models,” were just released. The new system is known as Firefly. On its website, Adobe displayed the outcome of a photograph produced using the tool to announce the service. According to the business, Firefly produced the artwork after being given a brief summary of text commands. In this instance, the system was instructed to create a 3D image in “studio style photography” that was “of a paper dragon.” The vibrant image produced by Firefly depicted a city with streets and buildings that resembled the Japanese craft of origami, which is the skill of folding paper into intricate designs.

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