Last year, a record number of guns were removed from US airports.

The Transportation Security Administration, the US government body in charge of airport security, confiscated 6,542 firearms from travelers last year. There had never been so many incidents like that. Actually, with the exception of 2020, the quantity of firearms seized by TSA personnel at American airports has increased annually since 2010. The COVID-19 epidemic drastically decreased aviation travel in that year. A few of those gun owners passed through airport security and forgot they had a gun on them. Despite the numerous warnings posted in airports, the TSA claims that people still forget.

The head of the TSA in Atlanta, Georgia, is Robert Spinden. The airport in the city is among the biggest in the world. He claimed that there are notices on televisions, signs, and other places requesting that visitors take their firearms out of their luggage. Even a specific hologram forbidding people from bringing firearms. As a last resort, Spinden stated, “quite a bit of information is sort of flashing before your eyes to just try to remind you that you need to secure your gun.”

Although fewer than the previous year, Atlanta’s airport security discovered 448 firearms in 2022, the most of any American airport. A punishment of nearly $15,000 may be imposed on travelers who transport firearms through security checkpoints. A 2021 Atlanta event alarmed Spinden and other authorities. After presenting a gun to security, a passenger was stopped. The man reached for the revolver and it fired when the agent opened his backpack. The airport was shut down for more than two hours as a result of the numerous people who fled.

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