Meeting on Agriculture in North Korea Regarding Food Insecurity

Experts are warning that North Korea’s food problems are getting worse, and the nation has held a significant agriculture conference. State-run media stated On Sunday, the ruling Workers’ Party had a high-level conference, which was opened by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. According to officials, the conference’s goal was to talk about methods to advance agriculture and boost North Korea’s economy. North Korean Workers’ Party leaders are reportedly looking for ways to start a “rural revolution,” according to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

According to the report, the purpose of the discussion was to identify agricultural concerns that were “immediate, important” in order to help advance the status of “national economic development.” Kim may have spoken during the meeting, but KCNA did not specify how long it would last. Experts from other countries have cautioned that North Korea’s problems with food insecurity have gotten worse. The challenges stem from the economic sanctions imposed on the nation due to its nuclear weapons and missile development programs. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdowns had a negative impact on the economy.

The scheduled meeting to talk about agriculture was described earlier this month by South Korea’s Ministry of Unification as another proof that the food situation in North Korea “seems to have deteriorated.” The 38 North program, situated in the United States, is a policy watchdog that monitors events in North Korea. In a report published last month, it stated that “food availability has likely fallen below the bare minimum with regard to human needs.” The committee observed that the country was experiencing the highest degree of food insecurity since the 1990s when catastrophic famine rates were prevalent.

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