Supporters Recall the Achievements of the Former President Carter

Jimmy Carter, the former president of the United States, is getting special care and is getting ready to pass away, according to his family. Carter is receiving care from hospice. The former president is receiving care through hospice so he can have a comfortable final few days. However, he refuses to pursue medical intervention to prolong his life. Sometimes, individuals receiving hospice care are given medication so they can pass away pain-free. Carter is 98 years old. Compared to previous American presidents, he has lived the longest.

Carter was elected in 1976 and began serving as president in 1977. However, President Ronald Reagan defeated him in the following election, held in 1980. Carter kept on his public service and charity endeavors after leaving office. He founded the Carter Center in 1982 to promote human rights, democracy, and public health. He earned the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. He also frequently collaborated with Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit. Founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller, the organization assists in the construction of houses for those in need of a place to live.

New York resident Suzanne Taylor, who collaborated with Carter and donated her time to Habitat for Humanity. She worked on house construction from 2006 to 2019. When Taylor learned that Carter was getting ready to pass away, she said she sobbed. “A lot of┬ápeople truly value him,” she said.┬áCarter is the subject of Jonathan Alter’s book, His Very Best. He “led such an epic American life,” according to Alter. Alter stated of Carter, “He won at life,” referring to his accomplishments as a politician and his nearly 77-year marriage to Rosalynn.

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