Aid Organizations: Women’s Work Ban Will Damage Afghanistan

Afghan women were no longer allowed to work for non-governmental organizations as of December 24, according to the Taliban leadership in that country. Numerous charity initiatives and services were put on hold as a result of the restriction since the groups said they could not or would not function without the female employees. Aid organizations caution that since the Taliban declared the policy a few weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of people have suffered injuries. The humanitarian organizations add that if the embargo stays in place, the state of the economy and living standards would only get worse.

Since the Taliban seized over the nation in August 2021, aid organizations and non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, have become increasingly significant. foreign banking and financial institutions stopped providing foreign financing as a result, and money supply was cut off. After years of fighting, the economy is harmed even more by these suspensions. Following the Taliban’s ban on women working for non-governmental organizations, eleven large international relief agencies and a few smaller ones ceased all operations. Many others lowered their bar of effort. Only 14% of foreign NGOs were operating normally following the prohibition, according to U.N. Women, the UN office for gender equality.

Some operations have been carried out by U.N. agencies. Thirteen million people, or around 25% of the population, received food or financial assistance from the World Food Programme (WFP) throughout December and the first few days of January. According to the Associated Press, there has been inconsistent implementation of the restriction. A few women have managed to carry on with their careers. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has put a stop to all of its activities, though. That indicates that in the two weeks that followed the ban, 165,000 people did not obtain its health services. Thirty mobile health teams and over 100 health centers across 11 provinces are supported by the IRC.

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