For Your Thoughts: Oscar Recipients for Foreign Film

On March 12, actors, directors, producers and other filmmakers will meet in Hollywood, California, the capital of the American film industry. A few will win Academy Awards for their achievements in last year’s films that included the finest acting, directing, screenplay, music, and other categories. An Oscar, a little gold-plated metal statue of a man, will be given to the victors. The Oscar weighs less than four kilograms and stands just approximately thirty-four centimeters tall. However, the prize is really valuable. Oscar winners may become more well-known. Offers to work on the hottest films can come their way. They can make a lot more money as well.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences celebrated almost 300 films that were nominated for Academy Awards on Tuesday. Five of them are in the running for the title of best foreign film. With the exception of one film, Argentina, 1985, all of the candidates were produced in European nations. It originates in Argentina, as one might expect. The nation of South America has a long history of Academy Award winners. Argentine films have already taken home two Oscars for best foreign picture. The most recent honor was given to the movie The Secret in Their Eyes in 2009.


Argentina is a historical drama from 1985. It narrates the tale of the attempts made to hold the military government in check after it was overthrown. It took home the Golden Globe for best foreign language film from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association earlier this month. That award show is regarded as a preview of the Oscars to come. The first Irish-language film to be considered for an Oscar is another 2023 nominee. The Quiet Girl in Ireland is based on Irish author Clair Keegan’s book Foster. A young girl from a huge, impoverished family who lives in harsh circumstances is the subject of the movie. She is sent to the home of distant relatives. She discovers affection and comfort there, but she also discovers a secret.

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